Practicum Training at Church On The Rock is focused on providing students with real experience in the local church ministries. This is accomplished through practicums that are created to provide hands-on training for students to become experienced in a specific area of ministry and leadership skills.

Students will also receive a scholarship in the amount of 3 credit hours each semester for their practicum and it will count towards their total general electives required for graduation.

Students who participate in Practicum Training will rotate through two practicum tracks per semester for the first year. The purpose of this rotation model is to give students an overview of what healthy church ministry looks like. Students entering their second, third, and fourth year in the program will get to choose which practicum track they prefer to take for the entire year.


• Hands-On Training
• Practical Experience
• Leadership Skills
• One-On-One Mentoring
• One-On-One Coaching
• Team Work
• Scholarship Value of 3 Credits Per Semester




The Kids track provides experience for all aspects of the Kids Rock and Nursery ministries. In this track you will learn how to lead kids, plan services, evangelize and lead teams. Each week students will have the opportunity to impact kids in different church environments.



The Youth track will equip students for pastoral leadership in middle school and high school ministries. Students will learn what it takes to pour into the next generation through student development, service production, event planning and more. Students will receive weekly hands-on experience, teaching them how to raise up young people in God’s house and how to successfully build a next generation ministry.


Worship & Production

The Worship track allows musically inclined students to minister to people through the use of their gifts. In this track students will learn to enhance their skills as vocalists and musicians. Students will be provided with the opportunity to grow and nurture their talents through sessions in music theory, song writing, leading a band, leading a worship team, and more.

The Production track will train students to use creative mediums including lighting, audio, and video production. This practicum concentration is designed to develop students into effective and qualified production team leaders to construct incredible production events.


Media & Marketing

The Media & Marketing track focuses on social media, film, photography, graphic and web design. Students will receive weekly hands-on training in these creative areas, teaching them all aspects of church media, marketing, and gaining valuable experience.



The Pastoral track will help students develop in areas of pastoral ministries. Students will receive hands-on instruction from Church On The Rock staff and hands-on training in these ministries: COTR Español, Inspire–Young Adults, Connections, and Discipleship.